Sessions Schedule Day 2

Day 2 Schedule – Thursday, February 22, 2024

Ballrooms are located on the main level. All other rooms are located on the 2nd floor. Map links are listed beside each room number below. All sessions and speakers subject to change. Some presentations may be live-streamed or pre-recorded.
Session Room Map - 2nd Level
Session Room Map - Main Level
Sessions Day 1


Ballroom C, Main Level
Chairs: Kristy Grigg-McGuffin, Erika DeBrouwer, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

9:30 TBD
Dr. Todd Einhorn, Michigan State University, USA (TBC)

10:00 Ambrosia Beetle (TBD)
Justin Renkema, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

10:30 Non-fumigant Approaches to Pre-plant Management of Nematodes and the Apple Replant Complex and Their Compatibility with Soil Health-building Objectives
Dr. Tom Forge, Agriculture & Agri-food Canada

11:00 TBD

Sponsored by:

2:00 Orchard Economics
Alison DeMarree, DeMarree Farms

2:30 TBD
Jennifer DeEll, OMAFRA

3:00 In Orchard Diagnosis
Bernardita Sallato, Washington State University, USA

3:30 Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses, Oh My! How Pathogen Diagnostics Can Inform Your Disease Management
Katie Goldenhar, OMAFRA

Cost of Production

Room 204, Second Level
Chair: John Molenhuis, OMAFRA

2:00 - 3:00 Recordkeeping with Cost of Production in Mind
David Cohlmeyer

3:00 Labour Hours & Costs – Tracking and Using for Decision-Making
Dusty Zamecnik, Tommy DeVos, EZ Grow Farms

3:30 COP Toolbox
John Molenhuis, OMAFRA

Drone Spraying in Canada

Room 203, Second Level
Chair: Dr. Jason Deveau, OMAFRA

2:00 The Importance of Calibrating a RPAAS
Dr. Jason Deveau, OMAFRA

2:30 TBD
Cindy Haughton, Flight Operations Transport Canada

3:00 TBD
Dr. Michael Reinke

3:30 TBD

Farm Fresh Ontario

Ballroom D, Main Level
Chair: Kevin Vallier, FFO

9:30-11:00 Agritourism Liability: Reducing the Lawsuit Risk
Rusty Rumley, The National Agricultural Law Centre, USA

11:00-12:00 pm What Does the Year Ahead Hold and How You Can Capitalize
Jo-Ann McArthur, Nourish Food Marketing

1:00-3:00 Cultivating a Culture of Engaged Teams - Workshop
Neil Thornton, The Thornton Group

Farmers' Markets Ontario

Ballroom A, Main Level
Chair: Deanna Chakarova, St. Catharines Farmers’ Market

9:30 Safe Place and Code of Conduct
Lori Brunetta, City of St. Catharines

10:30 Food Sovereignty for Indigenous Communities: Virtual Tour
Angela Proudfoot, Canadore College (Livestream); Jesse Russell, Canadore College

11:30 Seven Strategies for Better Market
(Join us at lunch to learn more) – Melanie Anderson, ByWard Market District Authority

2:00–3:00 Farm Labour, Food Security and Farmers’ Markets
Anne Durst, Bry-Anne Farms, Erin McLean, McLean Berry Farms

Farming Basics for New Growers: Part II

Room 203, Second Level
Chair: Dr. Melanie Filotas, OMAFRA

9:30–10:30 Crop Overviews:
Speciality Crops - Evan Elford, OMAFRA
Fruit Crops - Kathryn Carter, OMAFRA
Vegetable Crops - Dennis Van Dyk, OMAFRA

10:30 Planning and Scheduling Vegetable Crops: Sweet Corn Case Study
Elaine Roddy, OMAFRA

11:00 Experiences in Starting a Farm in Ontario (TBD)
Gail Winters, Goodlot Farm & Farmstead Brewing Company

Frequent Felons of Fruiting Vegetables

Room 201-202, Second Level
Chairs: Amanda Tracey, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

9:30 Adapting to Aggressive Anthracnose in Peppers
Katie Goldenhar, OMAFRA

10:00 Fusarium in Fruiting Vegetable (TBD)
Dr. Brenna Aegerter, University of California, USA

10:40 Growers Choice: An Interactive Exchange on Insect Issues (TBD)
Dr. Thomas Kuhar, Virginia Tech, USA


Room 201-202, Second Level
Chair: : Travis Cranmer, OMAFRA

2:00 Improving Production Practices
Travis Cranmer, OMAFRA

2:30 Major Pests of 2023 and How to Manage Them in 2024
Travis Cranmer, OMAFRA

3:30 Incorporating Clean Seed into Your Farm
Travis Cranmer, OMAFRA

General Labour

Ballroom B, Main Level
Chair: Stefan Larrass, OFVGA

9:30 TBD

10:00 TBD

10:30 TBD

11:00 TBD

2:00 TBD

2:30 TBD

3:00 TBD

3:30 TBD


Room 207-208, Second Level
Chair: Wendy McFadden-Smith, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

9:30 Alternative Approaches to Weed Management
Dr. Lynn Sosnoskie, Cornell University, USA

10:00 Assessing Fungicide Resistance Across Vineyards in the U.S. and Canada
Dr. Tim Miles, Michigan State University, USA

10:30 Getting the Most for Your Systemic Fungicide Buck
Dr. Wendy McFadden-Smith, OMAFRA

11:00 Smart Vineyard Panel
Jennifer Phillips Russo, Cornell University, USA; Leandro Tomás, Vinomatos (TBC); Chuck Bareisch, Haggerty Robotics (TBC)

Chair: Kathryn Carter, OMAFRA

2:00 Soil Health in Vineyards
Dr. Deirdre Griffin LaHue, Washington State University, USA (livestream)

2:30 Cover Cropping Research in Vineyards
Jennifer Phillips Russo, Cornell University, USA

3:00 Varietal Plan for Ontario
Rob Gamble

3:30 Grower Panel: Thinking Outside the Box
Josh Mitchell, Hillside vineyards (TBC); Craig Wismer, Glen Elgin Vineyards (TBC); Liam Reeves, Stratus Winery

Ontario Produce Marketing Association

Room 206, Second Level
Chair: Emilia De Sousa, OPMA
Sponsored by:

9:30-10:30 A Fresh View on Branding: Insights for the Produce Industry
Brian Ettkin, Numerator

10:30-11:30 Storytelling That Sells: How Sharing Your Story Sells Your Business and the Sector
Christina Crowley-Arklie, Crowley + Arklie Strategy & Co.

Soil Health

Room 204, Second Level
Chairs: Dr. Tejendra Chapagain, Danny Jefferies, OMAFRA

9:30 Mapping Orchard Variability and Soil Attributes to Improve Site-Specific Management Decision Making
Bernardita Sallato, Washington State University, USA

10:00–11:30 PANEL On-Farm Soil Mapping and Technology to Improve Site-Specific Management
Liam Reeves, Stratus Vineyards; Ben Vermeulen, Vermeulen Farms; Friedhelm Hoffman, Lakeside Grain & Feed; Herman Visscher, MEN’s Farming Inc.

Women in Agriculture

The Lounge, Second Level
8:00 am-9:15 am
Speaker: Alison Robertson, Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association
Sponsored by:

Young Farmer Lunch and Learn

The Lounge, Second Level
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Sponsored by: