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4 C Lazidee Farm Inc. (Holganix)

4 C Lazidee Farm Inc. is pleased to introduce into Canada a new product for agriculture. Holganix "Bio 800" is a soil nourishing and a root stimulate product. Agriculturalists in the United States who grow hay and row crops, vegetables, and fruit crops are reaping the benefits! We did replicate trials on this product in 2019 and were very impressed! We would appreciate an opportunity to help make you familiar with Holganix. Visit our website for more information. Look under our "product" link and you can follow the Holganix website link.


As an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), Agricorp delivers a variety of programs on behalf of the federal and provincial governments. These programs help Ontario producers offset the effects of the business and agricultural risks they face every day.

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

We are an innovative, research driven technology company focused on sustainable development. Through leading expertise, modern laboratory facilities and strong customer focus, A&L serves a wide range of industries including agriculture, environmental, food and pharma – globally. In agriculture, A&L provides comprehensive analytical services for soil, plant tissue, feed, fertilizer, and water. A&L's services also include production recommendations, remote sensing and precision agriculture capabilities. A&L Biological Inc., is a subsidiary of A&L Canada Laboratories Inc., focused on research and development of biological compounds for use in agricultural production systems. The Environmental division provides organic and inorganic chemistry and general chemistry using state-of-the-art technology and methodology. For food and pharma, A&L provides analytical services for plant tissue, water, media and finished product. A&L's services also include disease diagnostics, genetic analysis, production recommendations, and plant monitoring program. The company operates two analytical laboratories serving clients throughout Canada, the US and internationally.


Alpine manufactures and distributes highly available, seed-safe, high Phosphorus liquid fertilizers, complete foliar nutrition solutions and liquid application and storage equipment. K-Tech Potassium technology is included in many of these products to provide the most available and safest Potassium with the benefit of enhancing soil biology. Agronomic support is provided by a team of 9 Certified Crop Advisors who work with progressive growers to improve yield and profitability of crops.

Belchim Crop Protection Canada

Belchim Crop Protection Canada develops, registers, and markets protection, nutritional and management products for agricultural crop production across Canada. We work closely with end users and supply partners to evaluate market needs, and to provide cost effective products that offer superior performance. Belchim has a long history and established reputation working with grape and tree fruit producers to maximize production through disease and pest prevention.

Besseling North America

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For over 90 years, the Besseling family has been on the front line of the fruit industry. First growing, trading and selling fruit and in the early 1950’s building their first own cold storage facilities which resulted in 1965 in the first CO2 adsorber being built. In the early 80’s the foundation for the CA equipment company was laid in the Netherlands. The North American branch is based in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. Besseling North America is a combined force of controlled atmosphere solutions and true construction experience that realizes 'State of the Art' CA storage facilities. Besseling North America can supply and install CA equipment. Insulated Metal Panels, Salco doors and RibbStyle coatings. Besseling sets itself apart on reliability, energy efficiency and service. Everything we realize today is based on a fruit growers’ background.

Cohort Wholesale

Cohort Wholesale aspires to be a trusted Canadian wholesaler of preferred-position outdoor fruit and vegetable crop protection products, working with the established distribution and retail channel to service all key markets, creating demand for and maximizing the in-field performance of our suppliers’ products to help farmers grow the best crops possible.

Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute

Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) is an internationally recognized institute providing research, continuing education and professional development opportunities and outreach to the grape and wine industry. CCOVI’s Preharvest Monitoring and Vine Alert programs provide valuable data that assists grape growers in scheduling harvest timing, protecting grapevines from winter injury and ensuring maximal grapevine cold hardiness. We also provide a full slate of highly sensitive and competitively priced analytical services and molecular virus diagnostics to the grape and wine, cider, beer, and distillery industries. These include, but are not limited to: juice, wine, and alcoholic beverage analysis, as well as testing for a range of grapevine infecting non-regulated viruses to help manage the health status of grapevines. CCOVI also serves as the Canadian Grapevine Certification Network’s national testing provider, working to create a clean plant network for domestically certified Virus-tested and pathogen free grapevines in Canada.

Corteva Agriscience Canada Company

Corteva Agriscience™ offers a range of protection for your fruit and vegetable crops, including insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Ensure your crops are protected for the most yield and profit at harvest. Our products are designed to align with your existing Integrated Pest Management programs and remain effective for years to come. Visit our website or for more information call our Solutions Centre at 1.800.667.3852.


Croptracker’s mission since 2006 has been to make crop production more profitable, efficient, and safe. Our modular farm ERP management system offers growers and distributors powerful tools for maintaining accurate records, improving traceability, and managing labour and production costs at any point through the supply chain. Using our computer visioning technology Harvest Quality Vision, gain quick and precise pre-sorting size and colour insights.

CWB National Leasing

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CWB National Leasing, Canada's largest and longest-standing equipment financing company, is all about helping businesses grow. We’ve helped more than 324,000 business customers secure equipment with a full range of financing services in agriculture, construction, transportation, forestry, health care, commercial, and golf and turf equipment industries. We support our 60 sales agents and a broker network across Canada from our head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. CWB National Leasing is part of the Canadian Western Bank Financial Group of companies.

Drape Net North America

A market leader for over 15 years, Drape Net is a cost-effective way of protecting tree crops from hail, birds, sunburn, wind damage and specific insects.

Durward Jones Barkwell & Company LLP

DJB’s professionals are experienced in a wide variety of agricultural businesses. Our team of professionals provides experienced leadership in the Agribusiness field, offering specialized solutions and real bottom line results. Whether it is income tax related or assistance with industry specific programs, DJB’s experts can explain the issues, provide solutions, and assist in creating new opportunities for you and your business. We provide quality advice to family-owned and operated businesses within Southern Ontario. Whether your operation is a start-up, or an established enterprise, our team of professionals can help you plan for and achieve your business goals.

Eckert Machines Inc.

Eckert Machines is a family-owned Canadian sales agency specializing in machinery for processing fruits, vegetables, potatoes, confectionery, and other food products. Representing several manufacturers of high-quality machinery, we bring our experience and expertise to your process improvement projects. Reduce labour, improve product quality and yield, and ensure product safety with automated solutions. We supply customizable solutions to cover your production needs from washing to sorting and everything in between. Working with only the best international suppliers, we harness global experience to enhance your local production. Contact Eckert Machines with your food processing challenge.

Ecocert Canada

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Ecocert provides you with suitable solutions to promote good environmental and societal practices, across all sectors, all over the world. Contact us today to find out how you can use the ECOCERT logo on your products!

Evergreen Liquid Plant Food Ltd.

Specializing in liquid fertilizers and soil amendments. Conventional and organic products available.

Farm Credit Canada

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FCC is Canada’s leading agriculture and food lender, with a healthy loan portfolio of more than $38 billion. Our employees are dedicated to the future of Canadian agriculture and food. We provide flexible, competitively priced financing, management software, information and knowledge specifically designed for the agriculture and food industries. As a self-sustaining Crown corporation, we provide an appropriate return to our shareholder, and reinvest our profits back into the industries and communities we serve.

Gintec Shade Technologies, Inc.

Gintec Shade Technologies is a company invested in bringing innovation and problem solving to all aspects of agriculture across North America. Gintec’s vast knowledge and experience in fabrics, plasticulture and geotextiles helps us recommend the best product for you. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your agriculture needs. Our team has gained practical knowledge and skills through working in the field, whether they are installing a shade system, helping with irrigation or designing an efficient way for you to set up your space. Gintec is here to help! We at Gintec are successful when you are successful. We are Growers Helping Growers.

Grape Growers of Ontario

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The Grape Growers of Ontario was created by growers in 1947, and is the official organization representing all 500 grape growers including 180 wineries and 17,000 acres of vineyards in Ontario. We support grape growers across Ontario, and play a key role in fostering high-quality domestic wines and encourage growth of our Canadian industry. The sector’s growth over the last 73 years is a testament to the dedication, hard work and vision of grape growers all across Canada.

Grindstone Creek Nursery Inc.

Grindstone Creek Nursery Inc. is located near Hamilton, in southern Ontario (45 minutes west of Toronto). The plant hardiness zone at the nursery is Zone 5A. We have over 35 years of experience growing quality fruit trees and shade trees for commercial fruitgrowers, nurseries, cities, and garden centres. Our trees are sold to customers all over Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Our fruit trees include apples, pears, fruiting quince, sweet and sour cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots. The fruit trees are grown on rootstocks most suitable for optimum orchard production. We also offer custom and contract growing specific to your needs. Please visit our website for more information or call Eva or George at 905-689-5466. We look forward to hearing from you!

H&W Equipment

One of the most trusted names in vineyard and orchard equipment for more than 20 years, H&W Equipment has been serving the grape and fruit growing industry in Canada and the eastern United States since 1993. As one of the leading suppliers in the industry, we provide recycling sprayers, hedgers/trimmers, leaf removers, grape hoes for weed control, cultivators, sub soilers for vineyards, orchards and crowners and bine loaders for hopyards. Only the highest quality products from our trusted manufacturers meet the standard to be sold to our customers. With an extensive parts inventory for all our equipment lines, we provide the best aftermarket support to keep your equipment running.

Hoskin Scientific

The Environmental Department of Hoskin Scientific provides expert consultative support to find the right product to fit your application needs. Whether you require sampling and monitoring instruments or portable soil and plant science tools that measure and analyze everything from roots to leaves we are where you need us to be across Canada.


Hydrogardens is a full-line supplier of products including single element & blended fertilizers, peat moss, roof poly, crop protection, geotextile, seeds, containers, irrigation systems, growing supplies, pesticides, biologicals.


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Juicing.Systems is the North American Dealer of Kreuzmayr Fruit and Vegetable Processing Equipment. Equipped with 9+ years of hands on expertise with our sister company Okanagan Mobile Juicing, we have real world experience. Reduce labor with belt presses as well as extend your shelf life with our pasteurization options. We offer remote support to assist you in real time without production delays. Our warehouse in Canada is stocked with spare parts, ready to be shipped for next day delivery. Talk to our team today to see how we can optimize your business.

Kam's Grower Supply

Kam’s Grower Supply offers a complete line of biological agents (bios), crop protection products, PGRs, shade paint and plant nutrition products (foliar, water soluble fertilizer, straights, micros, organic, slow-release fertilizer) for the greenhouse floriculture, greenhouse vegetable, cannabis, and nursery markets. Kam’s service offerings include: testing of water, tissue, soil, and nutrient solutions, fertility recommendations, and before and after sales support. Kam’s is a family-owned business that has been growing every year since 2005 and has earned a reputation for supplying customers with quality products, fair pricing, responsive service, and reliable delivery. That is what Kam’s aims to do with every single order!

Kooljet Refrigeration Inc.

Since 2001, Kooljet is designing and building energy efficient, one-piece refrigeration systems, which can be easily installed at the client's location, without the necessity of refrigeration technicians. Kooljet “Plug N Play” type refrigeration systems are factory charged, fully tested and calibrated, prior to shipping. Custom & Mono-Block designed systems are easy to install & relocate. No site assembly or plumbing is required. Kooljet systems are complete with "Free Cooling Option", which results in huge energy savings by cooling the room without running the actual compressors. Kooljet also builds hydro-coolers; wine chillers; tunnel coolers; medical and process industrial chillers; ultra low temperature freezers; blast freezers, dehumidifiers, pumping stations; etc.

Koppert Canada Limited

Koppert Biological Systems produces sustainable cultivation solutions for food crops and ornamental plants. Together with growers and in partnership with nature, we work to make agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer, more productive and resilient. We achieve this by using natural enemies to combat pest infestations, bumblebees for natural pollination, and biostimulants that support and strengthen the crops both above and underground. Restoring and protecting vital ecosystems in a natural way is the basis for healthy crops and a balanced environment.

Production Lareault Inc.

Production Lareault Inc. is a nursery specialized in small fruit plants. Our main products are Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry as well as Dwarf Sour cherry, Asparagus and Haskap. We grow over 30 million plants yearly, shipped across Canada and the US. The nursery is located 45 min drive northeast of Montréal on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. We have the most complete choice of variety in Canada for Strawberry and Raspberry. We follow strict cultural guidelines including virus testing at each step of propagation. Visit to learn more! Or call Frédérick Laforge 450-944-1850.

Leading Edge Equipment Ltd.

We are an independent manufacturers' representative for several companies in the Ontario and eastern Canada regions. The company is managed by Wayne Graham, Wayne Symons and Heather Rutter, who combined, have well over 60 years experience in the farm equipment field. They are backed by an office staff and set-up crew who provide warehousing and shipping of parts and wholegoods from their central location near Woodstock, Ontario.


MNP is a leading national accounting, tax and business consulting firm in Canada. We proudly serve and respond to the needs of our clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Through partner-led engagements, we provide a collaborative, cost-effective approach to doing business and personalized strategies to help organizations succeed across the country and around the world. Our comprehensive suite of professional and advisory services helps businesses grow and prosper. Used individually or in combination, we tailor every service we offer to your individual business needs. We work closely with many agricultural industries, including vineyards, orchards, greenhouses and specialty crops.

Niagara College – Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre

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In light of growing environmental and ecological pressures, Niagara College’s Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre (AETIC) team works with private and public sector partners to develop innovative solutions to address today’s challenges in: precision agriculture, GIS, computer programming, sustainable food production, plant growth, horticultural practices, greenhouse operations and technologies, aquaponics, environmental management and renewable energies. With operations at both the Welland Campus and the Daniel J. Patterson Campus in Niagara-on-the-Lake, AETIC has developed sector-wide tools for agricultural best practices, as well as technological tools aimed at mitigating climate change challenges, such as extreme temperature events. Industry partners who work with the college have access to government funding of up to half the cost of their project. The short video, developed by 5minofscience, outlines recent work from the lead researcher with AETIC, Dr. Mike Duncan, NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Precision Agriculture & Environmental Technologies.

Niagara College – Business & Commercialization Solutions

SONAMI is the Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation. SONAMI is a network of colleges and one university, who, through their respective Research and Innovation Centres, are collaborating with small- and medium-sized companies to turn innovations into commercialized products. SONAMI leverages faculty, students and state-of-the-market equipment, together with funding from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, to support manufacturing in southern Ontario.

Niagara College – Canadian Food & Wine Institute

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The Canadian Food & Wine Institute (CFWI) Innovation Centre team offers a full suite of services to support industry innovation and commercialization of new products and processes. From recipe development to shelf-life testing and nutritional labelling, the CFWI Innovation Centre pairs industry with faculty, graduates and students with the right expertise and equipment. What’s more, working with the Niagara-on-the-Lake-based team, industry partners who engage in project work with the team have access to government funding for up to half the cost of their project, while accessing state-of-the-art technology to push their innovations to the next level. The team specializes in new recipe development, food and beverage safety and regulatory assistance, laboratory services, sensory analysis and consumer testing, and beverage analysis services, including beer, cider, mead, kombucha, distillery and wine analysis tests. The video offers a glimpse at one recent collaboration with industry resulting in new product success.

Niagara College – SONAMI

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SONAMI is the Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation. SONAMI is a network of colleges and one university, who, through their respective Research and Innovation Centres, are collaborating with small- and medium-sized companies to turn innovations into commercialized products. SONAMI leverages faculty, students and state-of-the-market equipment, together with funding from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, to support manufacturing in southern Ontario.

Niagara College – Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre

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Niagara College’s Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC) team specializes in engineering design, 3D technologies, lean manufacturing processes and additive manufacturing. Based on the Welland Campus, the team of researchers, students and graduates work with with Southern Ontario businesses to bring ideas to life, from concept through to developing working prototypes, utilizing leading-edge technology, including equipment and software. What’s more, industry partners who engage in project work with WAMIC have access to government funding for up to half the cost of their project, while accessing state-of-the-art technology to push their innovations to the next level. The team specializes in reverse engineering, automation, process improvement, product design and development, Industrial Internet of Things, and product re-design and improvement. The short video, developed by 5minofscience, features Gord Maretzki, WAMIC Centre manager, outlining the benefits of working with WAMIC.

N.M. Bartlett Inc.

N.M. Bartlett Inc. is a family-owned crop protection product distributor. Our focus is to empower ag. retailers with the right products and advice to help their customers succeed. Powered by a knowledgeable sales force and strong logistics in every major horticultural growing region of Canada, we are well positioned to help you grow. We carry a wide range of synthetic and biological products from over 30 suppliers, and have over 100 years of experience behind us. This gives us the confidence to know that we can help you grow your business.


We know you put your best work into growing high value crops in the orchard, the greenhouse and the field. Let us help you take care of the rest because we are Nufarm. Customer-focused in the changing world of Canadian horticulture. Today’s Nufarm is big enough to provide proven chemistries and practical solutions, but small enough to be agile, innovative and responsive to your needs. Our global network brings new ideas, research and technology to your business at a local level that always puts you first. You can count on us for a broad portfolio of horticulture products, and the people with expertise. New products for 2021 in the portfolio include Excalia® fungicide for apples, Danitol® insecticide for managing spotted wing drosophila and Goal™ 2XL broadleaf weed herbicide. Our horticulture sales specialist, Alicia Sebastian can be reached directly by phone at 226-820-6223 or email


NutriAg, a multigenerational company, began almost 60 years ago with the intention to provide solutions to growers through experience and innovation. These fundamental drivers still hold true today and help us succeed in the perpetually changing dynamics of modern farming. NutriAg continues to be recognized as a leader in the field of plant nutrition and agricultural crop technology. Our products are used on a variety of crops in 35 countries, provided by 3 NutriAg manufacturing facilities in North America. NutriAg is committed to provide specific solutions to specific growing problems. We continually aim to be the most trusted and reliable partner in this market segment.

Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA)

OFA is the trusted, farmer-led organization for Ontario’s farming community. We use our grassroots voice to advocate for a sustainable farming and food sector on issues that impact our more than 38,000 farm members, our industry and our rural communities. We are working for farms and food forever.

Ontario Tender Fruit Growers

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The Ontario Tender Fruit Growers is a not for profit, independent farming organization governed by our grower members. The Ontario Tender Fruit Growers operates under the Farm Products Marketing Act, and represents all Ontario growers of tender fruit who market to either the fresh or processing market. Tender fruit includes peaches, nectarines, plums and prunes, pears, apricots and processed sweet & sour cherries.

The Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA)

The Ontario Produce Marketing Association is a member funded, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to connect people and information from field to plate. Established in 1990, we proudly serve over 230 members across the entire industry. Contact us for more information on how we can help you grow your business by strengthening your network and expanding your marketing efforts with business partners and consumers.

Premier Containers (1983) Inc.

Premier Containers (1983) Inc., provides all types of packaging including baskets, different types of bags, sippy cups and more. Be sure to check out our product page to see how our packaging can help you stand out from your competition.

Provide Agro Corp.

Provide Agro is a Canadian family business that develops machinery-based solutions for hort producers. As a subsidiary of N.M. Bartlett Inc., we have over a century of experience providing our customers with custom solutions to help grow their business. In addition to custom manufacturing, we have curated a full line of specialty horticultural equipment to meet our customers' needs. Manufacturing partners include; Greefa, Sinclair, VanWamel, H.S.S., Fruit Tec, Orsi, ShurFarm, Sorma, Freighlauber, Pulse, Albuz and more. We are dedicated to ensuring the quality, efficiency and safety of all the products we manufacture and import, and work with our customers and suppliers to make sure the job is done right!

Red Trac

With over 40 years in the farming industry, Red Trac International is a leader in the agricultural sector providing fruit and vegetable growers the tools they require to keep their operations moving forward. We take great pride in serving our community by listening to the needs of our customers, offering them leading edge technology and providing the best in sales, service and parts. We look forward to the future and the continued business relationships we have built with the generations of family members in our great farming community.

Scotts Canada Ltd.

North America’s leading company in lawn, garden and hydroponic growing products, Scotts also plays a major role in the professional horticulture industry. A trailblazer in this sector, the company’s Fafard brand boasts an impressive number of professional growing media made from choice ingredients and according to strict quality standards. Fafard specialized substrates are designed to satisfy the different requirements of various crops. Scotts also provides greenhouse and nursery growers with attentive technical support, helping them achieve commercial success.

Stokes Seeds

Stokes Seeds® has been a premier seed supplier to vegetable producers since 1881. In addition to customer-focused, experienced sales professionals, Stokes Seeds offers one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry. Our territory managers and product development teams have spent the summer and fall reviewing new products. This commitment to matching the best product to a grower’s specific production needs helps maximize the yield, quality and profit potential of the crop. 2021 will bring another growing season of opportunities and challenges. As you make your crop and seed supply decisions, your Stokes Seeds territory manager is prepared to offer solutions to meet your production goals. Featuring an experienced sales team, exciting new varieties from world-class vendors and exceptional customer service, Stokes Seeds continues to be the seed supplier of choice for growers across Canada. To request a 2021 Commercial Growers Guide visit our website.

Twistyer Products Inc.

Your customer driven importer/distributor of what you need for cost efficient tying, trellis clips, net clips, and pruning tools for grapes, berries, trees, garlic and various indoor/outdoor plants. Our growth continues to come from providing quality products to satisfy your needs and requests. The Twistyer dealer network extends from coast to coast and across the northern US. Contact us for more information and for your nearest dealer.

UAP Canada Inc.

Offering choice to Canadian agriculture. UAP works with world-class global manufacturers to bring innovative solutions to Canadian agriculture. Through its comprehensive line of proven crop protection products, including plant nutrients, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides growth regulators plus biostimulants, offering both synthetic and biological tools. UAP helps growers meet the challenges of higher crop yields and healthier production practices. These products are available to Canadian growers through national and regional dealers delivering unique modes of action, alternative brands, and novel chemistries. UAP offers you choice for your operation.


UPL Ltd. is a global provider of sustainable agriculture products and solutions. Through our OpenAg™ initiative, we’re challenging the world’s food systems—opening up new partnerships, new markets and new technologies to transform agriculture and create sustainable growth for all. Our portfolio of products for the fruit and vegetable market reflects our commitment to moving agriculture forward through innovation and technology. Our goal is to always provide broader choice and greater value, with advanced products and customized solutions to meet the needs of each grower. We invite you to take a look at our expanded portfolio of proven fungicides, bactericides, insecticides, miticides, herbicides and biostimulants that deliver exceptional performance and value.

Upper Canada Growers Ltd.

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Upper Canada Growers Ltd. grows fruit trees and grape vines for the commercial wholesale market. UCG is headquartered in Niagara-on-the-lake with main field operations in Essex County, Ontario. UCG has developed relationships with plant breeders and propagators around the world, providing the best fruit tree quality possible to Canada. In conjunction with the University of Guelph, UCG leads the industry as the largest propagator of fruit trees from tissue culture for farmers all over the country. Fruit trees from tissue culture are by far the cleanest fruit trees available for purchase. They grow to be superior to any other type, from growth to yield, taste and disease resistance. We are proud to grow the best quality fruit trees with the latest rootstocks, varieties, and growing techniques.

V. Kraus Nurseries Limited

V. Kraus Nurseries specializes in the growing of fruit trees. Always true to name, we offer an extensive selection of varieties and rootstocks. Kraus utilizes various cutting edge methods of fruit tree propogation, allowing us to deliver a supreme quality of fruit trees to the local Ontario region and beyond.

Vanden Bussche Irrigation

Vanden Bussche Irrigation believes in total customer satisfaction. We strive to be your most valued resource in irrigation by providing irrigation design, consulting, world-class product supply, and service excellence. Since 1954, our company growth has been steadily built on the talents of many energetic, highly trained people who believe in our customer-first service approach.

Vineland Growers

Vineland Growers Co-operative has the distinction of being the longest continually run co-operative in Ontario. Vineland Growers was established in 1913, and since then has been owned and operated by Canadian farmers. For over 100 years, we have distributed peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums, grapes and pears, all grown on family farms. Vineland Growers has always been committed to the family farm and sustaining the industry for generations to come. Vineland Growers has continuously upheld the highest standard of safety and handling practices through our commitment to our customers and growers. We have fostered innovation and worked to continually improve services and processes. Over the years Vineland has made significant advances in its cold storage technology, packaging innovations and fruit varieties. As a co-operative we provide transportation and logistics, storage and packing services for local farms. Our two retail stores also offer a full line of tools and supplies for farming and growing businesses.

VineTech Canada Inc.

Producers of Canadian grafted and own rooted Grapevines. Importers of Certified Grapevines from Europe and the United States for sale across Canada. We also offer custom grafting, potted grapevines, trellising material and planting.

Willsie Equipment Sales Inc.

Family owned and operated company specializing in the manufacturing of custom fruit and vegetable harvesting, washing, sorting and packaging equipment since 1948. Dealers for Zocapi specialized garlic equipment and Garford camera guided cultivators.